There is so much power in color. It’s a gift that we can have access to every day. Color can evoke happiness, self-confidence, prosperity, and health, and It can stimulate passion, self-love, intellect, creativity, and enthusiasm. It can help as well soothe, calm, and comfort. Therefore, working with your best color in your interior design is one of the best things one can do.

All colors have a different powerful effect, but using your favorite one will make your interior design look exactly how you want it to be. One thing that you should keep in mind is that as long as you love the color, you should not be dictated by society on what to do. Many people tend to fall into traps where they are given specific colors to use then in specific fields and end up not using their favorite colors.

Considering that we spend a lot of time in our homes, designing our interior using our favorite colors should be a priority. This post will look at four different ways to show your favorite color in interior design.


One of the primary ways to surround yourself using your favorite color is by painting it on walls. For some people, it could be hard, especially if their favorite colors are bright ones. However, following the correct interior design steps, you can choose your favorite color confidently. This will be a turn-around for you since you will be surrounded by what you love.


If it’s your favorite color, you will even be obsessed more when it’s on your furniture. For instance, if your favorite color is yellow, you will love an orange sofa even more. If you have painted your wall one of your favorite colors, it will be easier to decide the color that you want to use on your furniture and most importantly the one that will blend easily with your other color. 

You can also add some pillows to your sofa with stripes of your favorite color.


Artwork is among the best way to your favorite color in your home. If you are an art lover, it’s high time you look for artwork that talks more about your soul. It’s essential to be motivated by just looking at our walls. Your home is like your little heaven. 

Therefore, colorful arts are the best to fill your house with inspiration. It’s effortless nowadays to get the art of your favorite color since we have platforms of art that motivate artists to submit their work.


A pop of color can bring an element of surprise. Therefore, colorful objects are among the easiest ways to design using your favorite color. As we all know, objects are another method of art where you can add a little bit of your favoritecolor. 

Decorative plates, books, vases, lamps, sculptures, photo frames, and figurines are among the objects you can add to your favorite color. Be creative while shopping for your favorites objects because it’s easy to find once you know where to look.

These are only a few ways of how you can show your favorite color in interior design. Be proud and confident of your favorite color because it’s what defines you as a person.

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