For many, their garden is their pride and joy. Since the pandemic, over 7 million in the UK have taken up gardening as a pastime and it’s easy to see why. Having a hobby that involves caring for plants can be great for your mental health, plus it’s another way to decorate and update your home. There are plenty of areas you can focus on to help your garden look fabulous throughout the year.

Plants and greenery 

The best advice for keeping the foliage in your garden looking vibrant all year round is to plant seasonally, knowing which flowers or plants will be in bloom across the year. Certain types come and go monthly, so make sure you’re clued up. Ensuring you have evergreen plants thrown into the mix, such as hebe, ceanothus or lavender, will mean you have a constant array of colours in your garden to complement anything seasonal. 

Create a feature wall

Feature walls can look ultra-chic when it comes to exterior designs, so who’s to say that you can’t take them outdoors? There are a few ways to bring these to life. Using a wooden frame adorned with outdoor solar lights, you can spruce it up so that it makes a statement even at night time. It’s a great way to set the scene if you have guests around for the evening and the additional lighting can help you accent your garden when it’s getting dark outside.


In the summertime especially, it’s ideal to have a ready-made dining area in case you want to eat al fresco. Likewise, in the winter, if you invest in an outdoor heater or a firepit, you can still huddle up together and make the most out of being outdoors. Whatever your preferred style, there are lots of ways you can use garden furniture to get the most out of your space. You can opt for rattan furniture that’s easily manoeuvrable or timeless wooden pieces that are a little sturdier. Neutral colours will help to not deter from any colourful features or plants in your garden. Just remember to maintain them to keep them in good condition.


These days, you can pick up all kinds of decorations for your garden – you’re not just restricted to garden gnomes! Having a key focal point, such as a statue, can break up the foliage and add contrasting textures and shapes to the space. Go as classic or modern as you like, with ancient Greek-inspired pieces and more abstract sculptures to choose from. To take it up a notch, why not look into a water feature? Again, you can go with a timeless fountain or a more contemporary water feature. Make sure whatever you go for can be viewed all year round for maximum impact.

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