Spending time together as a family can help you build better relationships with your family and ensure you get the exercise and fresh air you need. Plus, it gives you a break away from the daily grind of school, work and the humdrum of family life. Getting outdoors and staying active is essential for the whole family, and for parents, the best way to encourage kids to be more active and spend time outdoors is to model that behaviour themselves.

This post looks at some fun activities you can all do together that will get you outside and active.


Golf is your perfect family hobby if you like walking and being outdoors. Start small with some crazy golf sessions if you wish, or head to a golf club for expert tips and advice. From here, you can explore the different golf courses in the country, such as the stunning st andrews golf courses and even take up golfing holidays too!


The UK has many unique natural beauty and landmarks to explore, and hiking is a great way to really explore your local area or the UK for a while. From trekking through the Brecon Beacons National Park to exploring Dartmouth and even conquering Snowdonia, getting outside into nature and experiencing the country’s beauty can significantly benefit your physical and mental health.


From following local bike trails, riding through local parks or heading to the coast for a sunny ride along the beach, getting on two wheels is an excellent way to stay fit, reduce your environmental impact and ensure your family has fun and stays healthy. Alternatively, you can take up mountain biking if your children are old enough and want to up the adventure stakes, try BMX riding on local tracks or even join a local club and look to take it up professionally by joining cycling groups and excursions together.


Geocaching is a relatively new concept on a scavenger hunt, essentially. All you need to do is to download a geocaching app to get started. You will be able to get started finding geocaches. You use the app to navigate and find the geocaching in your area. You can hunt in your local area, find a popular geocaching area, and travel there. There are some rules to this hobby, though; you need to take something from the geocache, leave something in it for others and then record it in the logbook. Not only will you have fun finding treasure, but you will get to spend some time exploring and working together as a family to find the geocache.


There are so many ways to get out and about with family to stay active, get some fresh air, discover more of the world around you, and help you all reconnect as a family and have something to do and look forward to. The best part is these suggestions can be tailored to all family members depending on your situation to help you get the most from your experience and make sure what you do works for everyone.

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