The warm weather might have seemed a long time coming this year – but now we can say with some certainty that spring has finally sprung! As such, you might be looking at how you might spend as much time as possible out in the sunshine.

If you’re willing to invest a little time, money, and energy into making a few key improvements to your garden, then you might find that you can get a lot more out of the space by the time summer rolls around.

The exact changes you make, however, should really depend on how you’ll be entertaining yourself outdoors. Let’s explore a few ideas and see if we can find some inspiration.

Food and company

There’s nothing quite like a barbeque in the company of your nearest and dearest friends and family. But you might go even further than that, with a permanent outdoor cooking area, and perhaps even a bar. Portable projectors might allow you to enjoy movies at night, while a firepit can add a touch of extra comfort, too.

One of the more popular options is the outdoor pizza oven. These come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from portable contraptions to huge brick-and-mortar structures. The route you go down will depend on your resources and the available space.

Naturally, you’ll need enough seating to accommodate all of your would-be guests, too. For most people, this means having a supply of collapsible chairs, so that you can enjoy the extra room when you’re not entertaining. On the other hand, if the space allows for it, then a fixed outdoor lounge area might provide some of the required ‘wow’ factor.

Games and Entertainment

Board games have come a long way over the past few years – and some of the best ones are rugged enough to stand up to the elements. Some games, like Viking Chess, Cornhole, and Giant Jenga, can be easily crafted with basic woodworking skills and a few premium Milwaukee hand tools. Or, you might set up a net, and try your hand at badminton or volleyball. Take stock of the available space and see which games might make the best fit.


Your garden should ideally create the right vibe. After all, it isn’t easy to truly feel at home if the place looks Spartan – or unkempt. This is where outdoor lanterns, solar-powered lights and fairy lights might all serve a purpose. You might also install a permanent outdoor sound system, too. Just be sure that you aren’t going to disturb your neighbours late at night.

Naturally, your taste in outdoor décor might vary from the mainstream. For this reason, it might pay to go down the bespoke, or DIY, route. Not only will you end up with an outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for years to come – you’ll also get a rewarding project to enjoy over a long weekend.

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