There are nearly 39 million registered cars on the road in the UK, and around 15 million of these cars will be over 10 years old. Cars are a massive investment, whether you are buying brand new or opting for a used motor and as such, getting the most from it and extending its lifespan while making it a comfortable drive should be something you are aiming for all time. After all, no one likes the stress of the check engine light popping on mid-journey when you have 300 miles left to drive.

The following steps can be instrumental in ensuring your car is at its best at all times and you are expanding its lifespan.

Keep It Clean

You need to ensure you are keeping your vehicle clean both internally and externally. While the award for the messiest car in the UK is somewhat of a joke, driving around in what could essentially be a kitchen bin isn’t good for the car, your phone or your health. Plus, if you get pulled over because you can see out of the windscreen for layers of dirt or your number plate is hidden, it won’t be quite so amusing telling the police you are in the running for the UK’s filthiest car! Products for car care can help you to keep your motor spick and span and ensure that the condition of your car is second to none inside and out.

Driving Habits

Every single person picks up bad driving habits over the years. With no instructor breathing down your neck, it is only natural that you don’t always drive exactly as you learnt in your lessons. It is thought the majority of people who drive now would likely fail their driving test on bad habits alone if they needed to retake it. Driving your car correctly can reduce extra stress and strain on moving parts and help you to avoid excessive wear and premature breakdown. These are things like riding the clutch, aggressive gear changing or grinding the gears, fast braking and accelerating and excessive revving, to name a few.


In the UK right now, you are looking at around £150 upwards for a full car service. This will, of course, depend on the type of car you own and its condition, but regular services every year or 12,000 miles are necessary. They are like your preventative dental checkups but for your vehicle. Servicing includes various checks and changes such as air filters, oil changes, brake checks, spark plugs, and more. All of these little details are subject to wear and tear every time you drive, so having your mechanic look under the bonnet and ensure everything is working correctly and your car is running smoothly cannot only help to extend its lifespan but also alert you to potential issues such as requiring new brake pads, pipes or discs, the health of your battery and the reason for that mysterious knocking that makes you turn the radio up.

Looking after your car is serious for small actions that you can do to help you ensure that your car is not only roadworthy but enjoyable to drive. Being able to get in and go with no issues is partly down to how you look after and drive your car regardless of the car’s age.

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