New drivers are more likely to get into collisions, and accidents, and to damage their cars. It’s a simple fact of life. Not only are they less experienced and thus haven’t learned from their mistakes yet, but a lot of new drivers are also young drivers, who tend to be a touch more impulsive. As such, there are a few mistakes that are especially common in new drivers, and here we’re going to look at what they are and how to avoid them.

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Allowing distractions in the car

Playing your music so loud that you get into it overly much. Trying to do your makeup or eat while at a stop sign. Allowing friends to get in and treat the car like a social space. These are the issues that can lead to distracted driving, making your reaction times later. Even if just by a second, that’s enough for any situation to become a good deal more dangerous. Get to know the defensive driving techniques that can help you become more mindful of the road around you so that you’re always able to react better to a given situation.

Not adjusting the car to your needs

Make sure that you’re comfortable and able to reach the wheel with ease, not to mention able to see out over the hood of the car before you set off. Adjust the height of the seat and the angle, angle the mirrors, and make sure that you’re able to reach the pedals, gears, and everything that you need. This is especially the case for any drivers who are sharing a car, such as driving their parents’ car. Of course, you need to ensure that you’re insured for any car that you take off in, too.

Mounting kerbs 

Not all mistakes that new drivers make are going to involve a lot of danger. Others are going to cause some damage. If you mount a kerb badly, it can result in damage to your tyre, or it can crack or dent the alloys on your car. Services like can help you repair the damage that you do, but you want to be careful all the same. Avoid mounting kerbs when you can, otherwise.

Not minding the condition of the road

Potholes and speed bumps are a very, very common cause of damage to cars, and can affect your wheels, tyres, and alloys much like climbing a kerb. Keep an eye on the condition of the road, and make sure that you slow down when approaching a speed bump, don’t let them slow you down manually. If you do hit a pothole, or spot one, then you should visit the site to report it. That way, you and other drivers will be less likely to hit in future.

New drivers aren’t idiots, by any means. Most of us make some of these mistakes at some point. You just want to start becoming more aware so that you’re making those that can be a real threat to your safety.

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