Smartphones being an integral part of daily life is nothing new. However, it’s important that you don’t think of these devices as being static. The modern world is no stranger to change and rapid development of technology – equally, the phones of today and those of ten years ago might be more different than you think.

What exactly are the consequences of that difference, though? What does it matter to you? The social landscape is in constant flux, but having a better understanding of what some of these changes entail might better prepare you for what tomorrow could bring in this regard.

A Multipurpose Tool

The first implication of this evolution is that modern phones are much more varied and capable than their names suggest – to the point where making calls isn’t something that everyone would put as the most used feature of their smartphone. Connection to the internet is more important than ever – as this allows for messaging of all kinds as well as access to the internet and a myriad of social media platforms. It also allows for smartphones to function as a gaming console, through anything downloadable on the app store or by connecting players to online casinos like

Cameras are also more important to users than ever before, leading to incredibly advanced and powerful cameras integrated into phones. This is something that’s arguably tied to social media use due to the increasing integration of video content onto these platforms.

Addiction and Awareness

The difficulty with this can come in the form of addiction. Smartphone addiction is something that many have observed to be occurring around the world, and the fact that this is combined with the arguably addictive nature of social media and some types of gaming, it can become more difficult to avoid. An awareness of the risks of over-exposure to smartphones can help you use them as part of a healthy lifestyle and might prevent you from having your health suffer due to their use. However, this awareness would need to be more widely implemented in order for people to avoid it on the whole.


There is another technology to consider in this discussion – cloud technology. Through the cloud, documents, files, and data can be accessed from anywhere, and this can be extrapolated to fields like gaming so that games can be played remotely on hardware that would not be considered powerful enough for the demands of the game through streaming.

With phones being capable of what TVs are through streaming apps like Netflix and how they’re increasingly capable of playing demanding, modern video games, a sense of a technological convergence begins to emerge. Not to suggest eventually, phones will replace all devices. Still, the capability of smartphones to perform a wide variety of functions and perform them to an increasingly high standard does raise the question of where they could be headed next. This evolution will likely continue to happen gradually and incrementally rather than a sudden shift.

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