Saturday was Matt’s 25th Birthday, a house party followed by a trip to Chicago’s in town was the plan – with all of us in Fancy Dress! There were rules, Disney, Cartoon, Comic and Animation Characters were permitted. I decided to go as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ off of ‘Pirates of the Carribean’. I hired a costume from Jems – bargain for £20! It looked great, but I needed a wig, bandana to complete the look. Thankfully the ‘Party Meister’ had a combined Jack Sparrow-esque wig and bandana – SWEET! Felt very odd having long hair, was also a teeny bit concerned a stray spark from a cigarette could turn my head into an inferno in seconds! 🙂
The night of the party arrived, and I was really impressed with everyone’s efforts, we all looked fucking cool! Ange looked fantastic as Peter Pan, Donna made a killer Dorothy (can’t remember Dorothy having such a small dress!), Ellie looked great as Noddy, and kudos to the birthday boy for daring to don tights and be Wolverine!
I got lots of lovely comments about how cool my costume was, which was nice. I certainly attracted lots of attention during the evening, passers-by doing double takes as I stood outside getting some air. Also lots of random drunks on the way and in Chicagos shouting ‘CAPTAIN JACK!!’ – least they knew who I was trying to be. Also seemed to be lots of random (mostly older – and VERY drunk) women in Chicagos trying to borrow my hat.
Still good night was had by all – some photos below!







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