Following the news on Mobile Industry Review regarding 3 now selling their Modem Router I decided to pop into their little store in Chelmsford High Street – within the Superdrug.

I had to wait about 10 mins – they guy was selling a contact to some fella who could JUST speak English. He’d been in the UK for 1 week – and wanted a contract. The guy went through the motions and as his credit in the UK was non existant – he had to pay £100 deposit. Obviously as the guy had no idea of English – it made pretty painful viewing watching this be explained.


The Three guy finally acknowledges me, while the other customer is trying to remember his PIN number.

The conversation goes a bit like this..

Me – Hi! Do you have any of the Three Wireless Broadband Routers in stock?
Three Guy – *Looks VERY puzzled* – No, we don’t sell wireless bluetooth sir – sorry for the wait by the way.

Right – two things – Three – train your staff at this branch better – give them some idea of upcoming products! Secondly – regardless of what I asked for, isn’t ALL bluetooth wireless????

Think i’ll buy online.

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