I’m due to write a similar rant about O2 and their Customer Service. But this is shoddy. Very shoddy! Now I know PAYG customers are ‘bottom of the food chain’ in the Mobile Industry, but I don’t expect much – just the ability to speak to a human.

This morning I had to top up my Three Mobile Broadband Account – i’ve done it before, you go in, choose to Top Up and then bam – done. I went through the motions, as far as entering the ‘Verified by Visa’ details – it all seemed to have worked but I got a ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable’ message. I rang my bank and they verified Three did claim and collect my money succesfully. Arse – so Three have £15.00 of mine but I have no credit showing. I need to speak to someone.. I ring the number on the website.

You get 3 options 1-Activate a Top Up Voucher, 2- Buy Top Up, 3-Hear about Mobile Broadband. No option to speak to Customer Services. Arse. So I try the talk to a billing advisor online feature – and this is how it goes..

Kip hakes: Bill query – I tried to top up online and it told me the service was unavailiable – but the bank have said the money has been taken, but my top up is not showing.
Advisor Valorin has entered the session.
Advisor Valorin: Hi this is Valorin and I will help you on your query today.
Advisor Valorin: Is your query related to your pay monthly or pay as you go account?
Kip hakes: hi
Kip hakes: PAYG
Advisor Valorin: Sorry you have reached the Pay monthly on-line customer service hence I will not be able to help you with your query.
Please call 444 (free) from a 3 mobile or 08707330444 from any other phone (standard calling rates apply) to get in touch with Pay As you Go customer service.

Kip hakes: That number does not put you through to anyone – it is all automated
Kip hakes: no option to speak to someoine..
Advisor Valorin: I am sorry however, you would have to call customer service.
Kip hakes: What I am saying is there is no option to SPEAK to anyone. It is only for topping up.
Advisor Valorin: You can dial 333 from your handset then choose the option 1 then 2 then 3 and then 2 again on IVR which will transfer your call to Pay As you Go customer service advisor.
Advisor Valorin: Hi, are you there?
Kip hakes: Option 1 is for topping up…
Advisor Valorin: Please call 333 and not 444 and follow the option I have give.
Kip hakes: what is the number from a landline?
Kip hakes: as I don’t have a phone it’s in your modem thing
Advisor Valorin: You can call 08707330444.
Kip hakes: That is the number i’m trying..
Kip hakes: Option 1 asks you to top up.
Advisor Valorin: I have already given you all the information for pay as you go, I am afraid but there is nothing else I can help you with.
Kip hakes: But you haven’t told me how to speak to someone – what you’ve told me doesn’t work!
Advisor Valorin: I have given you the number that’s the best I can help you.
Kip hakes: I got the number off the website, called it, couldn’t speak to a human, so i’ve tried this.. and you’re giving me the number again.
Advisor Valorin: I am sorry but there is no other information I can give.
Kip hakes: Can you escalate my query?
Advisor Valorin: I would take this as feedback.
Kip hakes: It’s not really feedback – I’m telling you the numbers you give to people to speak to PAYG customer services don’t actually allow you to speak to anyone.
Advisor Valorin: One moment please…
Advisor Valorin: I am sorry but since I am from the billing department would not have any information for the pay as you go account apart from the one I have already given.
Advisor Valorin: Hi, are you there?
Kip hakes: But you work for the same company?
Advisor Valorin: Yes, but I work for a different department all the information I had I have already provided you with the same.
Kip hakes: *sigh* I give up.
Advisor Valorin: Sorry for the inconvenience.
Advisor Valorin: Hi, are you there?
Kip hakes: Yes
Kip hakes: Sorry I’m just speechless
Advisor Valorin: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Kip hakes: A telephone number where I can speak to someone please.Advisor Valorin: You would have try the number for customer service.
Kip hakes: I have Valorin!!!!

*Kip Closes the Chat Window*

I’m not asking for much really am I? I just want someone to speak to – I don’t even care if they are in India! HELP!!!!

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