I’m writing this in darkness while Lozzie sleeps next to me – I was planning on going to sleep to, but I thought I’d blog before bedtime! Today I went to One Alfred Place to film a piece for the Mobile Industry Review Show  , I’ve never been there before, but it is lovely, really really nice, it should be too considering it costs £1500 per year to be a member – worth every penny though!

 On getting there I met with Ewan Macleod, James Whatley and Ed Hodges – all top blokes, very friendly and welcoming. I was nervous as hell as I’d never done anything like this before – after some quick intros – the camera started rolling. I’m crap at situations like this, I’ll either start to stutter and my mind will blank, or the adrenaline will wake me up and give me a kick up the arse. I made a joke about the mic looking like a black dildo I have (I don’t – mine is flesh coloured 😉 ) – and we were off. It went very well really – it was very hard to know where to look – I wanted to look down the camera, look at James and look at Ed. Hopefully it will come out okay – we shall see next week.

The chaps had to move on and film more,  I waited in the lounge area doing some work and returning some messages. It really was fab to work there, such a nice atmosphere. After a few hours I bumped into James who invited me for some drinks with Ewan and Ed, plus a few others. We sat in the bar and discussed all sorts, from the Nokia N96 to James’ Detox in Thailand (which sounded really quite appealing!)

So come next week we’ll see if I made a total cock of myself  – or if the boy done good. Personally, I *think* I did okay.  Still – thanks to Ewan for the beers, and Ed and James for being top blokes!

 Lounge area at One Alfred Place

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