I know I use my blog to moan about bad customer service, and yes I do it a lot, but this proves if something is good – then boy I will shout about it. O2 and I have had a rocky relationship, not so long ago I was being (wrongly!) accused of rinsing my data bolt on, but i’d heard good things about their Broadband offering – so I thought i’d give it a go.

Signing up was a doddle – at the time of the sign up they couldn’t tell me how far I was from the exchange, or how fast it would be. I was expecting this as my line had been installed just a day before! So I registered for their cheapest package – upto 8 meg – for £7.50 a month – no connection fee – free wireless box on a 12 month contract. Dirt cheap and also VERY happy to see they have UK based support staff!

So my box arrived yesterday – you can see it being unboxed here . My activation date was today – so exactly 7 days after placing the order – VERY good. As told to do I fired up the box, connected to the network – entered the WEP Key (printed on the base), and BANG it worked! No need to input any settings into the wireless box, I literally just plugged it in and it worked. That is VERY cool. I didn’t even install the supplied software (my laptop is small and has no optical drive)! I had a little look at the router config – it is slightly ‘Noddy’ (very simple for the average pleb to understand), but it does what it says on the tin. It is so simplified i’m not even sure you can change the name of the Wireless Network, I suppose if there are less options to play with then the less likely Joe Public is to screw it up.

As I was running short of time I didn’t bother running any speed tests, but needless to say the websites I quickly looked at were loaded in seconds.

Really – if you’re an O2 customer and want some pretty damn cheap and fast broadband, you’d be nuts to go with anyone else.

O2 Broadband – PASS!

 UPDATE – Done a quick speed test – i’m on an 8meg connection – swwwweeeeeetttt!


O2 Broadband
O2 offers super fast broadband, unlimited downloads and free uk customer service available 24/7. With prices starting at just £7.50 for O2 pay monthly customers (£17.50 otherwise)… check out O2 Broadband and see how much you could save.

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