I never really make New Year Resolutions, so this year i’ve decided to make a fairly simple list of stuff I need to do to make me really happy in 2009.

1 – Go on holiday (no where flash – even if it is going out to Spain to see Loz’s Dad)
2 – Get my finances in check (I suck at saving – this MUST change!)
3 – Walk more (I live close to the station now – I must do more walking!)
4 – Unglue myself from my phone (I think this one might not happen!)
5 – Watch more films (Something I used to love but have seem to stopped doing!)
6 – Go out a bit more (Maybe less of the clubbing – more of the pubbing..)
7 – Buy Guitar Hero World Tour and rock at it.. (Thankfully some Amazon vouchers will pay for this!)
8 – Get more business! (I’m a lazy sod for resting on my laurels an not working hard!)

I’ll post them up if I think any more, but that is a good start!

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