I used to go out a lot, probably more than I should.. Tuesday night was Spank Student night in Chelmsford, more often or not it was heaving – good music, and £1.25 drinks certainly made things kick off. Wednesday mornings at work were often – well – a bit ‘wasted’ – hangovers at work, not good at all.

Anyway – fast forward a year and a half, school night drinking is (mostly) a thing of the past, but for a change I fancied a jar or two withmy best friend. First destination was Lloyds – or ‘Thomas Mildmay’ as I think it’s called, it was quiet. Being a Wetherspoons you had the usual scabby drunk old men, but that was it, a few beers and some grub later, still dead. We decided to move next door to Edwards, this was where the party used to be at.. but again – dead. There was a point where it was just me and Chris in there, for about 5 mins, no other customers in the building. It was like 28 Days Later!

Apparently ‘Spank Student’ had moved, to ‘Club Fusion’, so we moved there, I was slightly concerned when a bouncer commented ‘Oooh people’ as we walked in. Those concerns were met. Again it was dead, more staff than punters, we downed our beer and left.

Time was marching on at this point, and we ventured into the rain to find another watering hole. We found ‘The Fleece’ was still open, and actually busy. not rammed, but a nice amount of people. We sat down with the obligitory JD and Coke and started putting the world to rights again. The Fleece often has live music, and tonight was no exception, just as we were comfy in the faux leather sofas, it started. All ‘the band’ seemed to do was play (fairly good actually) drum and bass loops, and , well shout… It was just noise.

Enough was enough, the JD’s were necked, and off into the night we went. What a strange night out..

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