So it’s 2010 – already! Well fuck me! Doesn’t time fly! Was quite happy with how I saw out 2009, it wasn’t the usual disappointing party, or just a night in front of the telly, we went out for a meal. A meal seemed like a good solution, food, drink and merriment in one place, added with the fact we’d have somewhere to sit and wouldn’t have to fight for the bar. So myself, L and Mr W booked a table at Chelmsford’s Chiquitos, which opened in the latter half of 2009. They had a special deal for New Years Eve – £20 for 3 course meal, welcome drinks, and ‘bubbles at midnight’, BARGAIN. It was a fantastic night, jugs of cocktails kept on coming, up until we decided to order a jug of a ‘Christmas’ cocktail. For some reason it took over 30 mins for it to appear, thankfully the waiter was very apologetic and gave it to us for free.

We stayed at our table till about 23.00 – The meal and drinks worked out about £28 per head, which was FANTASTIC value, we were stuffed silly and a bit tiddly! Not wanting to sit at the table anymore we slinked over to the bar which, for the most part we had to ourselves! The drinks just kept on coming! It got to 23.45 and they opened up bottles of bubbly and charged every one’s glasses, 23.55 came and they started counting down, 10,9,8,7….etc.. which was strange. It transpired that the clock on the tills / billing system were five minutes fast. The three of us sat at the bar and waited five minutes for the ‘proper’ countdown, as the  clock hit we clinked our glasses and that was it.. 2010 was here!

A massive thank you for all the superb staff at Chiquitos Chelmsford who even filled up our glasses a few times 🙂

So the first photo of 2010….

Not the most flattering of me... but hey we were all a little tiddly!

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