I’ve been a fan of Richer Sounds for a very long time, the company has been around since 1978 and still owned by it’s founder Julian Richer. They have 52 stores around the country, and in my opinion are probably the best place to go for your Audio and Visual requirements. Why? Well let me tell you..

The staff are all very cheerful, friendly, and knowledgable and most importantly to me, they don’t badger you endlessly by upselling, as readers will know I HATE upselling. I try to go out with a very carefully planned idea of exactly what I need, I never really buy stuff on a whim, I research, read, price check etc. If I want some cable, I will ask for it, if I want an extended guarentee, again I will ask for it, I don’t like being bothered at the till. The staff I’ve come across at Richer seem to respect this, they ask if you need any cables, they ask if you want their guarantee (more often or not I take them as they are very good – more 

on that in a minute!) If you say no to any of those questions, they don’t suck air through their teeth and shake their head, and then go on to tell you how if you don’t buy their expensive HDMI cable your Blu-Ray experience will be terrible and everyone will hate you. They just politely nod and carry on with the transaction. No messing, no rudeness, it’s bliss for me 🙂

The prices are VERY competitive, in an age where most stuff is cheaper online it’s nice too see a lot of their bargains can be had in store, you don’t have to wait around for a courier and find your shiny new toys have been kicked around the depot, you can ring up the store, reserve your item, and go and pick it up. They’ll even put it in your car! It’s good old fashioned service, and it’s fantastic to see! Also they’ll demo the equipment to you in store before you buy, it’s obviously usually best to call them up and let them know what you’re looking at. but personally if I’m spending my hard earned cash it’s nice to see or hear that you’re not buying a lemon. I remember in the early days of DVD players I went to Comet to ask to see one in action, the guy on the shop floor almost recoiled in horror as if I’d asked to have a go on his wife. The staff at Richer seem to bend over backwards to help – it’s fantastic.

The ‘extended guarantees’ they sell are amazing, they aren’t hideously priced, and include such services as free servicing and maintinence, free loan of replacement equipment while yours is being repaired, like for like replacement if your machine is broken, and free collection on larger items. You’re completely covered and at the fraction of the cost of a lot of other retailers. 

I’ve never had any trouble with Richer Sounds in the years I’ve been buying from them, and I always leave their shops happier (albeit usually poorer) than when I went in. If you really want to see good customer service in action, then you really can’t go wrong with Richer Sounds. They even have a helpful Twitter account too @richersounds 🙂

I know where

 I’ll be spending my birthday money on the 3rd April 😉

UPDATE – Wow – just when you think they can’t get any better, I recieved a £20 voucher in the post this morning from their Twitter team! Isn’t thank fantastic? Thanks guys! 🙂



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