Due to various family related business I didn’t actually get chance to post this on day 2, so I’ve sneakily back-dated it. But Day 2 didn’t end as bad as it started.

I had a phone call around 18.30 from a lovely chap in the ‘Executive Team’ with regards to my email. He explained in great detail in how changes to the BT Openreach back end system have caused headaches for Sky in moving services to a new address. He took the details for the new house and looked on Openreach’s system and told me that thankfully there is a live line into the property, and as it had been used in the past two years I shouldn’t need an engineer to wire it all up. This makes the moving over a lot quicker. It was a relief to hear this! I had been told by the moving team that I wouldn’t know about my new line until the old line had been cancelled. Obviously that wasn’t true!

The guy was excellent – he said that he would personally manage the move of my Sky services and promised to do the best he could to make it as smooth as possible. He also said that he could courier me a dongle to use for the period of time that I have no broadband. Excellent! He did explain that a period of downtime would be inevitable but should be around 10-14 days rather than 14-28 days. This is the kind of ‘better effect’ I was after! Will keep you all posted! 🙂

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