Not a new idea certainly.. It’s something that IKEA in Australia have run with. See this rather smug, patronising video :



I can’t be the only man in the world that doesn’t mind shopping? It’s true IKEA is a clusterfuck of madness at the weekend, but go in the evening after work, it’s a pretty calm and chilled experience. Is there a need for a crèche for men in shops? I don’t think so. I think all a chap needs is a sofa outside the changing room with free WiFi, or a decent phone signal. We don’t need patronising with an area of ‘Man things’.

Much like I’m sure Ladies wouldn’t want a ‘CHICK LAND’ filled with Mirrors, Make Up, Glossy Mags, Unicorns and Tampons, that could be deemed as a bit sexist.

Cheers to @angusformayor and @Whatleydude for the linkage to the video!

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