Last week was our 20 week scan. It was originally due to be in a few days, but we wanted to be able to take DD along with us so thankfully the hospital managed to move the appointment. DD did feel slightly put out that she was one of the last people to hear about the baby, so we wanted her to be one of the first people to ‘see’ it.

I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed into the first part of the of the scan, this is something I didn’t know the first time round and I felt slightly put out that I wasn’t allowed in! So DD and I waited patiently to be called into the room. I must admit I felt nervous, although everything is going well and Loz can feel the baby fidgeting, this is the ‘Anomily Scan’ and I was hoping everything was okay, I think it’s natural to be concerned.

The sonographer came out and called DD and I in–this in itself was a relief as I don’t imagine I’d be called in if something was amiss. We went into the room to find Loz lying down, the sonographer put the scanner back on her tummy. The screen filled up with baby,  moving around like crazy, it stopped for a moment, bent in half with its feet by its head. Georgia was amazed, her little face beaming as the baby squirmed around it was all very clear and the sonographer was explaining it all.

Then the moment came “Are you sure you all want to know what the sex is?” asked the sonographer. We all replied “Yes!” and the sonographer moved the scanner around to find the crucial area. She froze the picture on the screen. It was immediately clear what it was, but the sonographer explained “Well we can never be 100% correct but, er, there’s definitely some bits and pieces there…”

“You’re having a boy”

Loz was shocked, she was convinced it was going to be a girl. All I could muster was…


DD was peering at the paused screen, “Is that his winky?” she asked. I told her it was and she giggled. DD and I had a hug whilst the sonographer printed off one of the images. Whilst I wasn’t overly bothered either way about the sex it was nice to see that everything was healthy, the sonographer said that the  measurements were spot on, although the tummy was a bit podgy (takes after Daddy!).

So that’s it, the last time we see the baby until April, although that sounds like a long time, I think it will fly!

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