Today has been rather epic. I was up at 6am because I had a meeting in London at 8.30am. I try to give myself as much time as possible in the morning before a meeting as I will often sleep through my alarm, and / or be slow getting ready. Today was a bit different, I was up, showered, dressed and eating breakfast in 20 minutes. Sods law dictated that something would go wrong, it did, sorta, the meeting was pushed to 9am. I nibbled my bagel slooooooooooowly and downloaded some new choonage for my iPod.

Even so I was on a train for 7.40 and in London for 8.15 ish. Not bad at all, my client is only 5 mins away from Liverpool Street so I had a little time to kill, so I ventured to Starbucks at Liverpool Street for a ‘fuck off sized’ Latte and a look over Twitter. The coffee slipped down beautifully, I must admit I do like my coffee now, I hated it when I was younger, but ever since I stopped smoking, coffee and tea are my vice of choice, that and the heroin.. (not really!!)

My client was running late, so our meeting started around 9.30 in the end, thankfully meeting this client in particular is always a joy, we’ve worked together for a long long time we have a bit of banter, call each other cunts.. etc. The meeting ended and back home I went. It was very different travelling back near 11 o’clock – I had a whole carriage to myself.. (not like this morning!).

Blurry train based panorama..

This afternoon was mostly taken up with getting a haircut ready for the #EmmasDiary event (more on that later), giving IT support to my mother, who had managed to disable her WLAN (no idea how), and work. I’m actually fairly busy at the moment, self employment has its ups and downs and its dry spells, but thankfully since Christmas I’ve not had a dry spell at all. I’ve still got to do my bloody tax return too, although that shouldn’t take me too long.

So yes, tomorrow I’m taking the day off and off for the little #EmmasDiary event. I’m feeling a little calmer about it all, I’ve been interacting with lots of them via Twitter and don’t feel as if it’s a room full of judgemental strangers now. Hooray! I’ve spent the last few hours working on my introduction to the group, I had envisaged a multimedia fuelled Powerpoint extravaganza, but something like that would probably make me look a cunt. So words will have to do. It’s 800 words. I’ve no idea how long that’ll take to read, I think it SHOULD be about 5 minutes (the allocated time), but I’ll see how it flows tomorrow and edit it on the fly.

Right.. I’d better get some sleep, got to play road wars round the M25 tomorrow!

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