Meet these two. They were on ‘The Million Pound Drop’ on Channel 4 last night.

For those not familiar with the game, you get a question, with a selection of answers. You start with a million pounds and you have to put your money on the answers. If you’re 100% sure of the put it one of the answers, or if you’re not sure you can split your money across different answers. The correct answer is revealed and whatever money is placed on the incorrect answer ‘drops’ and they lose it. The questions are usually fairly easy, and mostly common sense will see you good.
This couple had already lost a £375,000 on the first question, but what they did next, was amazing.

Here is question number 2.

It’s OBVIOUSLY ‘It’s like a dream’. Here’s how the hapless couple laid out their money.

So, let’s be clear on what they’ve done here, they are certain, to the EXTENT of £300,000 that Margaret Thatcher may have opened with ‘Girl Power’ or ‘Muahahahahhahaaa’. REALLY? REALLY?! How do these fucking idiots even get themselves dressed in the morning?

Needless to say, they didn’t last very long in the game.

2 thoughts on “A tale of two idiots..

  1. babycakes says:

    My favourite bit was when the bloke said, “Let's put some on Werthers becasue they're oval” WTF?????

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