I bloody love snow.

No really. I do.

I spent most of last night with my face pressed against the glass watching it slowly build up.. it looked amazing. I must admit instead of being grumpy when G came in at 7am, I flew out of bed and we were out just after 8am playing in the snow. It was brilliant, and me being me.. I filmed all of it, so here is nearly 4 minutes of our ‘Snow Day’.

I had to hurriedly edit it so G could see it before she goes back tomorrow, it’s not as perfect as I like, but it’ll do! 🙂 Normal blogging service will be resumed tomorrow, it’s been fairly mental over the weekend and I’ve just not had the time, I’ve got lots to tell you!



Me and the big mosster - yeah, that's a flat cap, I'm down with the trumpets.
Me and the big mosster – yeah, that’s a flat cap, I’m down with the trumpets.

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