Ahhh Tesco, you’ve gotta love them, the giant chain set on world domination. We have six (soon to be seven) stores in Chelmsford, SEVEN!? That’s just fucking ridiculous.. Still not the point of my post.

The store in Springfield Road is probably one of the oldest in town, it’s been there for as long as I can remember. I have very vivid memories of being dragged round there as a child, I hated it.

Anyway.. I don’t often go to this particular Tesco – when I do go in there though, it just kinda sets my teeth on edge, and I’ve only just figured it out.

It’s a shit hole.

It really is, my problem with it is, it hasn’t actually changed at all since I was a child, they’ve added some toilets (I’ll get to those), and shifted a few bits, but it is essentially the same, same pissy orange floor tiles, same knackered looking fittings. It’s horrid. The place was actually flooded sometime in the 80’s, it was shut for a few weeks if memory serves, it re-opened, just the same.

The only big change has been the addition of customer toilets. Always handy to have those – well not really, not these ones at least. They are like something lifted out of ‘Saw’. I’m sure the toilet hasn’t seen bleach in its short life, the fixtures are hanging off the wall and look like they’ve been repaired by chimps. You go in there half expecting a chap shackled on the floor needing to saw off his leg, they really are vile. Tear the fucking things out and start again. They even get a mention on Foursquare about how gross they are!

The whole store needs a damn kick up the arse, it really is a disgrace. Considering how much money Tesco make you’d think they’d look after their stores instead of trying to keep them in some 80’s time warp. In my lifetime Sainsburys have built a massive supermarket and overhauled it on several occasions, making it a really nice place to shop, it’s fresh, bright and modern.That said, don’t get me started on ASDA in Chelmer Village, It’s a local shop for local people, there’s nothing for you here…


9 thoughts on “Tesco, Springfield Road, Chelmsford – What a shit hole.

  1. Karen says:

    As I pass through Chesterfield on the way to the other halfs, there's a pretty decent looking Tesco's. Large in size, newish looking – maybe early 90s, ample parking. But also closed.
    Opposite is a shiny new Tesco Extra….built on stilts with parking underneath. Swish.
    They have money to burn in some areas!
    The only good thing about Tesco is Krispy Kreme donuts and points I exchange for meals out!

  2. Danlawrence1981 says:

    I live inBraintree and there is rether large stores. all of which have not just been redone but extented.. the lot.. braintree aint that big. i was in this tescos in springfield rd in the summer and the toliets nealy made me gag

  3. Kat says:

    So happy that I don't have to go there any more 🙂 You're right about Asda too, it's a shame as the Asda we go to when we're ooop North is really good

  4. Kip Hakes says:

    Yeah, the ASDA in Loz's home town is amazing. To be fair the one in SWF is alright too. Ours isn't, although it is a bit better since the minor refit.

  5. Lizardprojects says:

    Yes, Tesco is shit in so many ways and so much worse than ASDA
    which is also following the shit path.
    These shithouses have no leadership any more -no proper management-
    and this is the real problem.
    Have you tried Lidl or Aldi ? -much better prices and certainly much
    more customer orientated.

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  8. Lord Haite says:

    So funny I found the same thing in Morrisons in Sutton thought this was the only place and gave me the same feeling as something outta the Saw movie

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