Sorry I’ve not blogged much recently, it’s been a very dull week really! The only vaguely exciting thing was that the cat got on the roof again.

Spot the cat!

I was a bit mean and decided to let her figure out how to get down. Sure enough (after about an hour) she sussed it. I was slightly concerned as yesterday the builders had removed half of the roof next door (to attach it to the new house) and had loosely covered it with tarpaulin. If Bella had climbed on that she’d have ended up in the loft of next door! Thankfully she didn’t venture out last night, and today they’ve started making good on it.

Whilst I’m talking about the builders, aside from a shaky start and starting work at 8am (groan!) they are really making massive headway with the new house. I do pop out every evening to have a little look at it all; I’m fascinated by the building process and my inner-wannabe-architect is taking it all in 🙂
That was how it was on Monday; it’s progressed even more since then. I’m not convinced it’ll entirely fit in with the existing houses but we’ll see!
Work has been very quiet this week which probably isn’t too much of a bad thing, I do sometimes push myself a bit too hard. Although that said it’s gone crazy today and I’ve got to photograph a new Cancer Centre at UCLH on Friday. I’ll be heading in to London with G – we haven’t been into London for ages! She’s going to spend the day with my sister, Laura, who is taking her here there and everywhere and will probably be spoiling her rotten!
It’s my birthday soon and my first card arrived today! Huzzah! I am a little bit sad that I won’t get a fuck tonne of presents, but considering most of my family and friends have funded my new camera it’s fine by me 🙂 But if you haven’t got me anything yet, then there is always my Amazon Wish List . I’m not sure if I’m actually doing anything ON my birthday yet, there is the threat of a visit from the Mother in Law – we’ll see! 
Loz has started her own blog; she’s been editing mine for ages now and has got the blogging bug. I really would recommend trying the Jaffa Cake Cheesecake – it’s amezzing! 
That’s about it for now! 🙂

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