Yesterday was a bit of a busy one.

We woke to find Bella was still feeling poorly after her wasp sting the day before. She seemed a bit brighter in herself, but still hobbling around on 3 paws. The swelling had gone down a bit, but we kept in the house to let her rest, she didn’t seem overly fussed with that and spent most of the day sleeping!

A New Camera Photo!
I was asked by a client to Great Ormond Street Hospital to photograph a new part of the hospital, more specifically the furniture that’s been installed there. It was my new cameras first ‘work’ outing – it certainly did well – I was very pleased with the results. I’ve been sorting through the pictures and doing all the normal tweaks, it’s brilliant having the extra pixels to play with. The old camera was 6MP and the new one is 12MP, it means I can be a little bit harsher with my cropping but still have nice large images left.
After we were done on site I knew I was near to the ‘Bloomsbury Suite’ which is the bowling alley that I met Loz at for the very first time, and also the spot over a year and half later we got engaged on. I didn’t have any photos of it so I took the opportunity to get some!

The spot where I met Loz, and also where I popped the question.

I made my way back to Liverpool Street, picking up the now traditional ‘Boots Meal Deal’ for lunch, and looked for the next train home. I missed the first one by a matter of seconds, there was another due to leave in twenty minutes so I found that one and grabbed a seat. It was one heading to Norwich, they tend to be older rolling stock with the stupid old doors, I hate them, they feel very claustrophobic.

I took the opportunity to look on the eBay app to see how my auctions were doing. One of them was missing, it had ended. I was a bit confused and didn’t have an email saying there was an issue. A quick glance into my ‘eBay Messages’ showed what had happened, I’d said in the auction text.
‘Paypal is acceptable, or Cash on Collection – Please no Paypal E-Cheques – I want a quick sale and I don’t want to have to wait a week to get payment.’

This apparently is not allowed, as a seller, I HAVE to accept Paypal’s dumb ‘e-cheques’ – I dislike them as they take a week to ‘clear’. You have to wait 7 days to get payment, the buyer doesn’t get their goods, but worse, I don’t get the money. Instead of asking me to amend the auction text, they cancelled it, losing me all the bidders and watchers. Cunts. 
We had a house guest coming to stay yesterday, the lovely Nasreen was due in Chelmsford around 14.00 – I realised she would probably be on the same train as me. I was right! A quick ping on WhatsApp and she came and found where I was sitting. It was nice to have some company on the train, despite the fact she tried to put make up on me!
A Dan, on camera! Flanked by Nasreen!
Nas and Loz decided they wanted curry for dinner, so we had a cheeky take-away from Bombay Fusion before heading in to town. We met Dan in Baroosh. I did take my camera along because I wanted to play with it, and also I don’t have any photos of Dan. I like to take tonnes of photos, and I’ve been a bit slack of late. Dan warned me he only liked having his photo taken when drunk, and even then he didn’t really like it. I managed to get a few though! 🙂
We stayed until closing and had an excellent night. As usual the tone of the conversation was pretty base, but it’s always nice to learn stuff about your friends (and wife!) 😉

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