Yes! I want my prolapsed rectum on Telly!

There is some shit on TV, but Embarrassing Bodies is in a world of its own.

For those unaware of the premise, someone with an ‘Embarrassing’ ailment goes to speak to a doctor about it – great – as you would, BUT the doctor is on television (as are you) and every gory inch of your disgusting issue are filmed in glorious HD for us all to wince and recoil at. The program is a massive hit, scoring millions of viewers and several awards.


I don’t really want to see some old slags droopy fanny, witness rotting gums, or a big wobbly pair of moobs! Why does anyone else for that matter? It’s just fucking weird. I know we like to laugh at strange people, the Victorian Freak Shows (or its modern equivalent, X Factor) had/have massive audiences. Honestly though if I had tits down to my waist or a rotting testicle, the last place I’d want it shown was on a few million TV screens.

What is in this program for the poorly people?! They get treatment, yes, but they would on the NHS if they weren’t on a TV show. Do they get money for flapping their enlarged flaps at Dr Christian? Or are they just attention seeking bell-ends?

I just don’t understand…

One thought on “Embarrassing Bodies

  1. EllaRalph says:

    i have to agree with you on this one… it is pretty rancid…. yet sometimes i feel compelled to watch it, especially the teen one where nearly every bloke on it asked the question “Is my willy normal??” (sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't but that's a story for another day!) We can see where your guys' focus lies…

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