Today started off a bit shit, Loz had a terrible nights sleep, with aches and pains a heavily pregnant woman gets keeping her awake. We were due to meet Dan and his mini army at 11am in Maldon, everything seemed to be going wonderfully, I wanted to be out the door at 10.15am as we needed petrol. We got into the car and drove down the road..


The front nearside tyre was flat, as I was at a junction I rolled the car back and started to do a tyre swap. Our 206 comes with a ‘Space Saver’ Tyre that looks like something Noddy would have on his car, horrid little thing. I was struggling with the wheel brace trying to undo the 4 bolts when my car tinkering neighbour came to help.

‘Oooh they on tight?’ he asked..

‘Yes.. either that or I’m not going the right way’ I puffed.

‘Ah.. Actually no you’re not..’ he replied and then he came out with something I’ve never heard before and will always remember.

‘Left is Loose-y, Right is Tight-y!’

How cool is that? I’ll always know which way to turn the wheel brace now!

Bless him, I started to get the bolts undone and he cranked the jack up, leaving me to put on Noddy’s tyre, and he then put the car down for me as I was tidying away. The hole was caused by a screw, and hopefully it can be repaired as the tyre is in fairly good nick still! Despite this we managed to get to Maldon just 15 minutes late, even though I had to pootle under 50 mph the whole way!

Hooray for my neighbour and his helpful rhyme and attitude! 🙂

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