Well, the appointment with the consultant was fun!

To start with it took us 20 minutes to find a parking space, we drove around Broomfield Hospital over and over in what can only be described as a ‘Concrete Merry-Go-Round from Hell’. When they rebuilt it, they really should have allowed for more parking spaces. Thankfully we finally managed to get one, and some nice people gave us their parking ticket with several hours left on it. Hooray!

We made our way up to the department we needed and waited. It was actually 45 minutes later that we saw someone, a very nice trainee who did all the checks and read through Loz’s ‘Blue Book’ to get a full idea of what was happening. Then he did the measuring of the bump.. The bump measured 43cm – the bump size is normally equal to the number of weeks you are (+/- 2cm), with Loz at 38 weeks, this was a bit on the large size. He left the midwife to do the blood pressure and went to speak to the senior consultant and show her Loz’s records. The senior consultant came back and measured Loz and found it to measure 43cm too!

She told us that she wanted Loz to have a scan as soon as possible to check his size properly, if he is too big we need to discuss ‘birthing options’. All the appointment slots for scans were taken today, but we should get in tomorrow or Thursday, either way, it’ll be nice to see our son again! We’ve got an appointment to see the consultant next week too, but have been told to go back after we’ve had the scan so they can check it over!

For what has been a fairly ‘non-eventful’ pregnancy it’s all got a bit more exciting!

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