Remember back in February I told you about a bunch of clown-esque builders next door building new houses? No? Read this. Yes? I’ll continue.

Ever since then, pretty much everyday (even weekends!) we’ve endured banging, drilling, shouting, swearing between 7am-4pm. As we’re at home all day, we’ve really bore the brunt of it all!On the whole we’ve remained calm, aside from a few weekend mornings when it’s got a bit too much, or when we’ve not been able to park outside. 

Thankfully now, it looks like the end is in sight, I think all that remains is to finish off the ‘front garden’.

As I’ve said before I’m fascinated by the whole building process, but when it’s next door to you, it really does get tiresome. Keep your fingers crossed it ends soon!

Beginning of July

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