i love Quidco GreenI’m a massive fan of Quidco, I’ve earnt a lot buying stuff through them over the years. It’s really easy to shop with Quidco, sign up, and then search for the online store you want, click on the link through to the online store and buy as normal. Then, depending on the retailer, you’ll get money back for your purchase. This year I’ve got £100 for signing up with Virgin, and £100 for signing up with Three!

Now if you use the Quidco Mobile App, available for Android, iPhone and iPad when you’re in your local town or shopping centre you can now ‘Check In’ to shops and earn money. Anything from 5p-30p per check in. It might not sound great, but if you’ve got a long shopping trip ahead of you, or you’re pounding round a shopping centre, you can quite quickly rack up your earnings!

The only ‘gotcha’ in this all is each year Quidco take £5 of your cashback as a ‘service charge’, obviously if you’ve not earnt £5 cashabck, then nothing is taken from you!

2 thoughts on “Do you want free money for wandering round the shops?

  1. Melaina25 says:

    Personally I think the app is crap. I went to our local mall and when I tried to check in to stores it wouldn't let me saying I was too far away (I was in the actual store). Then once I got almost half a mile away from a store, it let me check in but didn't give me the extra money for tweeting that I checked in. I'm not a fan of glitchy apps!

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