I’ve observed several episodes of the X Factor, and there seems to be a very strict checklist of what each episode should contain. I’ll guarantee every episode will contain the following..

1. Someone being delusional about being good, then they are appalling.
2. Someone seeming very nice, and loveable, but they are rubbish.
3. Someone having a tantrum.
4. One of the judges having a ‘mean’ day and putting everyone down.
5. A sob story – X has died, Y had Cancer. etc. and the auditionee is ‘doing it for them’
6. Some uplifting music when they are getting a full house of Yes’s
7. Several appalling acts that have only go through to the judges for us to laugh at them.
8. The very last act will always be the best.

Have I missed any?

One thought on “The X Factor Checklist

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