So I’ve been with Virgin Media for well over 3 months now, and I must say, I’m a very happy customer. I’ve found the fibre broadband to be incredible, MUCH faster than I could even dream with Sky, although I do find the wireless on the Super Hub to be a bit flakey. It’s not *too* bad, but could be better.

The TiVo service is fantastic – I love how ‘Smart’ the box is, and learns what you watch, suggesting programs you may have missed, or can watch again via ‘On Demand’. The telephone service is fantastic too, nice crisp land line. Not sure if it’s because the BT copper to my house is very old, or it’s a problem further down the line, but voice calls are much clearer.

I’ve found the customer service to be very very good. Last month I had a call from Virgin, and was expecting a hard sell of additional services. The guy actually rang for my opinions on Virgin, and also was keen to point out things I might have missed on the TiVo, and ways of making the most of my service. No upselling me to the next phone package, or TV package here, just nice good old fashioned service. Love it! 🙂

I think the only thing I miss about Sky is the ‘Sky Go’ app and also the ‘Remote Record’ app, Virgin does have it’s own TV Guide App with Remote Record, but the UI is a bit clunky and rubbish. I’ve heard whispers they are working on new apps, so hopefully this will improve them!

I think the only people who might be better off staying with Sky are those who are Sports Subscribers, it’s a bit more costly on Virgin.

So all in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Virgin Media, I’m over the moon with what I’m getting!

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