Right now, I’ve got a cold. My head is a bit wooly, my nose is dripping, my throat is sore. That’s it. I’ve got a cold.

Men aren’t allowed a cold now though. We have to have ‘Man Flu’, we’re meant to sit in bed sniveling, while our WAGs pander to our every whim, and do everything in their power to fix their little soldier. Where has this come from? Why have we allowed ‘Man Flu’ to exist?

Personally blame Boots and their persistent ‘Here come the Girls’ campaign, it seems solely designed to belittle men by making them look like hapless fucktards.

*Shakes Head*

It’s even worse now that women proclaim they have Man Flu, you’re mocking yourself with your own means of mocking? Maybe part of my resentment about it all, apart from the patronising from Boots etc, is anyone who refers to a ‘Cold’ as ‘Flu’. If you have Flu, you won’t be posting on Facebook telling everyone you’ve got it, or moaning on Twitter. All you want to do is lay still and sleep, even moving is a chore, let along faffing on your phone.

Colds are rubbish and annoying, but they are pretty much the bottom rung of illnesses. Bit of Lemsip every 4 hours, job’s a goodun. Next person who asks if I have Man-Flu will be punched into next week.

2 thoughts on “Man Flu? Oh do fuck off..

  1. Misty says:

    Bahahaha I say man-flu. I Have reasons though, I shall explain. My OH can have the simplest of runny noses and/or sneezes and will take to bed for a week. But it’s okay for him, he feels ill he just takes the week off work, I feel ill and it’s tough shit because my toddler doesn’t care LOL.
    So I will continue to refer to it as man-flu until every other man, like you, can suck it up and carry on as normal without acting like they’re dying ;D


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