You may or may not have noticed the little Tots 100 logo / ranking on the right hand side of the blog. For those of you who don’t know who / what Tots 100 is, this is what they say –

‘The UK’s most exciting network for Mum and Dad bloggers, with more than 4,000 members reaching 6m UK readers each year. We work with brands to devise and implement creative, engaging blog outreach campaigns.’ 

Each month they produce a league table of over 2000 blogs and publish the Top 100 as the ‘Tots 100‘ , it’s almost like the Singles / Albums charts. The ranking is determined by eight different metrics designed to measure a blog’s popularity, influence and engagement. They score the blogs by using Google links, Yahoo Inlinks, Postrank, Google Reader subscriber numbers, Klout scores and Technorati Authority, producing a veritable ‘who’s – who’ of the parent blogging community.

My ranking has pretty much stayed in the 600’s since I joined in April. In September’s rankings though, something has changed, I’m now at the dizzy heights of #368, moving up from #653 in August! I’ve no idea why I’ve rocketed up, but I’m over the moon!

I will, one day make it into the Tots 100, sod it.. I WILL be Number 1!


P.S the logo has been ‘borrowed’ from the Tots 100 website, I’m sure they won’t mind.. *hides*


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