At the start of the year, I use to find myself at the pub at least once a week, usually with Dan, and Loz, sometimes with the odd smattering of Tasha and Chris too. Since J has been born, it’s become harder, when he was a shiny newborn with no routine we could pop down there for a few hours, but now he’s a bit older and going to bed at fairly regular times we can’t really go. The only occasions we have been able to go out together is when the Mother in Law babysits.

When we went ooop North over the weekend she looked after G and J so we could take a trip to Loz’s old local, The White Lion in Rawtenstall. We do pop in here usually everytime we go back ‘home’ to catch up with Loz’s friends still trapped in the Valley. It’s actually one of the few pubs left trading in Rawtenstall sadly. It’s a Pub-Pub, the sort of sterotypical boozer you’d see on the telly, I don’t think it’s seen a lick of paint since the smoking ban came in. There’s a real ‘pub smell’ in the air, the toilets are grotty and it has a faithful following of regulars of all ages. It sounds like a shit hole, but it’s just a decent, honest pub, I love it!

So on Friday night, after five hours driving, and several hours of work, we went to The White Lion for a few drinks. We met up with Rachel (Loz’s Cousin), Phil (her other half), Janine (Loz’s close friend), Richard (Loz’s idiot brother), and the lovely Carina (Rick’s girlfriend – she’s German – don’t mention the war!). It was lovely to see everyone (aside from Richard), and have a little catch up, have a few drinks and have a bit of a giggle. I have a mental rule of never going to the bar when we’re there, I’m aware of my silly Southern accent in a room full of thick Northern accents. I’d rather not do the whole ‘Oh, where are you from?’ thing, I hate talking to people I don’t know, especially drunk, Northern ones.. 😉 Although ironically, I’d never have met Loz otherwise. (Note to self – NEVER do it again!).


As we’ve found the past few times we’ve been there, there has been some ‘entertainment’ laid on, tonight ‘Billy Moon’ was performing. I must admit, I dislike ‘entertainment’ in a pub like this, I want to go to the pub for a bit of banter, and a catch up. I don’t want to be screaming over the ridiculously loud PA system. To be fair to Billy Moon – he was okay – a bit pitchy in places, and his repertoire was pretty ‘pub singer’, but on the whole. Okay. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not really the individual that’s the problem, it’s the volume and duration of the set. I did feel really sorry for him when he ended and after the small smattering of appalause subsided there was a very loud


from someone swaying at the Bar. Poor Billy looked a bit shocked, it was said with a fair bit of venom (and at least six pints) behind it. Billy quickly packed up his gear, if I’d have had more to drink I think I’d have offered him a man hug. I know you probably need a thick skin playing in pubs, but I couldn’t help but feel hurt for him. He wasn’t *THAT* bad.

We didn’t stay much longer after that, the journey had wiped me out, and with the threat of a baby waking at stupid o’clock we headed back, via Mi-Mi’s Pizza (Om nom nom!) I think it’s fair to say a good night was had by all. Here are some photos..


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