Mrs Hakes and I are massive shoppers, we’ve bought most of J’s Baby stuff with them, and lots of other everyday bits and pieces, probably the reason why is Amazon Prime. For those of you who don’t know, Amazon Prime is a service where you pay Amazon £50, and in return you get free Next Day Delivery on ‘Prime Eligible’ items. Doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive the item is, you’ll get it the next day.

Even better is the fact you can also add up to four accounts in your household, so everyone can benefit from the free next day delivery! I know Amazon do free delivery normally on a lot of items, but it’s free 3-5 day delivery, which is fine, but if you need something quickly it’s a bit of a pain. It’s great for when we need refills for J’s Angel Care Nappy bin, or there is a birthday you’ve forgotten about, a few clicks later, you’ll have them the next day. I see they have also just launched Amazon Family , which is Amazon Prime essentially, but you get £25 off a £50 spend on Baby Products and then £10 off a subsequent £50 spend on Baby Products, and also ‘exclusive offers’ every month. If only they’d done that 6 months ago! 🙂

Prime certainly has changed the way I shop, Amazon are certainly getting more of my custom, but the prices are pretty good, and the delivery is FREE! So, do any of you have Amazon Prime ?

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