I’ve been tagged in one of these before, and being a bit of a grumpy cunt, I ignored it and hoped it would go away. It did, but then Misty ‘off of’ ‘It’s Misty, Seriously‘ has tagged me in something similar, and I imagine it will happen again and again until I play along. So I’m playing along in the vein hope I get left alone. So here we have 5 Random Facts About Me..

Fact One – I’m not brilliant at writing, I know exactly what I want to write, and I also know what I THINK I’m writing, but more often than not when I do put finger to keyboard it comes out in a badly written pool of words and grammar. Thankfully my lovely wife Lozzie has an account to this blog and will stealthily slip in and fix my misdemeanour’s (I can usually tell she’s doing this by a lot of tutting coming from her desk). Obviously she doesn’t alter my overall message, she just makes it make sense!

Fact Two – I’m a total passive aggressive (long term readers of the will see that!), I’m not one for screaming and making a scene, I’ll just take it all in, keep relatively calm and just explode into a strongly worded letter of complaint (if a company has upset me), or rant to Loz, or any one of my lovely small circle of friends.It’s probably not healthy to keep it all bottle in for release later, but I imagine I’d be behind bars if I didn’t!

Fact Three – I hate Fearne Cotton more than words can say. She’s a feckless, useless, untalented moron, and I’ve got no idea how she’s spread like a cancer through our broadcasting networks. We live in a society where being a pretty face seemingly gets you anywhere, and I want to know exactly what sector of the Radio 1 audience is so gripped by her stories of cakes, her pets, her boyfriend, what she did last night, and now her sexcrement. It baffles me that  this useless talent vacuum gets the exposure she does.

Fact Four – Kip is really my name, it’s on all my bank cards, wedding certificate, driving licence, etc. I wasn’t born ‘Kip’, it comes from a nickname I was given when I was 17. Because of my ‘fishy’ surname I was called ‘Kipperman’, it got shortened to ‘Kipster’ and then shortened further to Kip. By the time I was 26 there seemed to be more people that knew me as Kip than my birth name. So in 2006 I changed it by Deed Poll, I feel more like a ‘Kip’ than I did my old name. The header photo is about 2 years BK (before Kip)

Fact Five – I think the most interesting facts about me are the ones you’ll never see on here, this is just skimming the surface stuff to fill up a meme. I’ve done some amazing things, I’ve done some terrible things, but I wouldn’t be who I am today with them. Tell you what, buy me a beer or two (and perhaps some JD’s) and I’ll give you a more interesting selection of facts about me, I can’t promise you’ll WANT to hear them though.

As part of this I need to tag some other bloggers.. so erm *looks round the internet*, let me pick a handful of you.

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(I’ll link to their facts when they have done them! 🙂 )

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