Chelmsford is getting a new gym, right in the centre of town. So what? I hear you cry!

Well it’s not any old gym, it’s ‘The Gym‘. The Gym is an up and coming chain of gyms that offer simple ‘pay as you go’ memberships on a no strings attached basis. The prices are clear and transparent on their website, and what’s even better? It’s cheap.

There are two membership options for Chelmsford – £10.99 per month (for the first year – then it’s £15.99) to access just the one in town, or £19.99 per month to access their whole chain of gyms. The other gyms across the country range from £15.99 a month to £19.99 for the London ones. You can cancel at any time, and the best thing? All the gyms are open 24hrs a day too, so it’s extremely flexible! This has the potential to really shake things up when the Chelmsford branch opens in January 2013, why pay £40-60 for another gym in the area with specific opening times, when you can pay the price of a cheap round of drinks and go whenever you please?!

I do love the fact everything with The Gym is so easy and transparent, I was looking around gyms in town recently, they never list prices on the websites, they get you to go in for a look around and give you a sales pitch and THEN tell you the prices. With The Gym you can see the prices on-line  sign up on-line  and that’s it. If you don’t like it you aren’t tied in for 3 months, 6 months, whatever, you can end your membership at any time, so very simple and flexible!

With the prices so low, you’d think they’d have shoddy equipment and you’d be training in a shed, but all of The Gym’s have shiny new equipment and are set it bright, airy spacious units, based on what I’ve seen, and reviews from friends I’ve signed both me and Loz up!

Are you a member of ‘The Gym’? Is it all to good to be true?

Here’s their introduction video on You Tube

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