N.B. This was written in anger, apologies for any bits that don’t make sense, you’ll get the gist.

For a third of every year, seemingly since time began, a vast amount of the population turn in to cunts, or a nicer way of saying it..

X Factor Viewers

It starts with the freak show of the auditions, which is pretty much the same each week (see my handy check list). Then we have something called ‘Boot Camp’, where the chosen few seemingly have to nosh off their ‘mentor’ and gush about how wonderful they are, and say ‘I was born to do this’ repeatedly. If this wasn’t bad enough, it quickly gets a lot worse..


I’ve not watched a ‘LIVE’ X Factor show for many, many years, but the format generally is the same. All the contestants sing their hearts out, there is usually a (pre recorded) performance from someone signed to Simon Cowell’s label, and more often or not there is a ‘shock result’.

The thing is, after said ‘shock result’, all of the cunts in the world seems to fly on to Facebook or Twitter and scream ‘FIXXXXXX!’, or ‘XYZ should have gone through, that result is disgusting!!’, or ‘WTF is XYZ still in? OPQ is a MUCH better singer!’. These comments are then usually followed with ‘well I’m never watching again’, or ‘X Factor has lost a viewer tonight’. Etc. If you all actually did as you promised there probably wouldn’t be anyone watching, the show would be cancelled, and we might get some new, innovative television.

What no one seems to realise is you’re all being manipulated. Those with the talent usually end up with the record contracts, Cowell will swoop them all up, and bleed them dry. Simon Cowell doesn’t give a flying fuck who the viewing public think has ‘The X Factor’, he cares about the talent that will make him the most amount of money.He’ll already have contracts drawn up (if not signed!) for these people, the winner is largely an irrelevance.

The judges don’t REALLY care who goes through or not, it makes no difference to them, they don’t give a flying fuck about ‘their singers / groups’. The are paid to be controversial  cause a stir, upset the apple cart, etc. The bigger the upset they cause the more people moan on Twitter, or Facebook, they start to trend globally, people might watch it on ITV+1 to see what happened etc. It’s all publicity, it’s all people talking about the show, positive or negative, it doesn’t matter.

Stop getting so caught up in it all folks, these acts mean nothing to you, you mean nothing to them, they are puppets swinging off the end of Cowell’s cock. It’s that simple.

6 thoughts on “X Factor viewers are c*nts. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

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