I’m dreading Tuesday, it’s been a black mark on my calendar for months now.

I’m having two teeth removed.

This is the first bit of dental surgery I’ve had since I was a child. Back then I needed my two front baby teeth pulled as I fell off the side in the bathroom and landed face first in the floor. They started going black and had to be removed – I don’t really remember much about the surgery to be honest, it’s all a blur! I was left with a massive gap at the front for years (see the picture of me and my sister above!)

This time though, the thought of it makes me feel sick. I’m having two bottom wisdom teeth out as they are growing the wrong way. I’m not sure why I’m dreading it so much, I don’t mind the dentist really, I dislike paying someone to moan at me, they shouldn’t moan, just offer advice. I think I know that it will hurt, and make me feel like shit ,and to be honest with a very active seven month old charging around, those are two things I don’t want!

I’m sure it will be fine, and go smoothly, I guess it’s the fear of the unknown, having never gone through a procedure like this (that I can remember), I don’t know how much it will hurt or for how long!

It will be okay? Won’t it?!

3 thoughts on “Why I can’t look forward to Christmas.. Just yet.

  1. Sally says:

    I had a lower wisdom tooth taken out last year and honestly, it was SO quick. I had it done at the local dental hospital and I was back out in the car park 12 minutes after I arrived! Apart from a bit of discomfort (which was far less painful than the infected wisdom tooth I’d had previously) it was more of a shock than anything. Couple of ibuprofen and I was fine, honest.

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