I’m not really into my politics, I’ve no real allegiance to any particular party, it’s all swings and roundabouts. I know one thing, I really dislike the Chelmsford MP Simon Burns. I remember his Toby Jug-esque face being in the Essex Chronicle (the ‘BIG’ local paper) for many years, he always looked and seemed a bit smug. Now as an adult, that childish feeling of dislike has been reinforced by a few stories in the press about him.

During the expenses scandal in 2009 it was uncovered he had a flat in Westminister, despite being a 40 minute train ride from London. In 2011 he called the members of the political group 38 Degrees ‘Zombies’ – read the story here. On Tuesday it was uncovered that now he has given up his flat in London he spends £80,000-a-year on a chauffeur driven car instead!


That’s just ridiculous, to make matters worse – he’s actually the Minister for Transport! Even the Minister of Transport doesn’t want to ride on the Rail Network, and is willing to spunk £80,000 out of the public purse to avoid it! In these times of austerity, it really makes you look a bit of a pillock to be doing stuff like that!

He did respond to the claims and suggest he would ‘review’ his travel arrangements – isn’t that nice of him? Can’t he just get a Season Ticket and suffer like all the other commuters? It would save over £75,000 a year! Still, my tweet about him being out of touch was actually published in the local newspaper ‘The Weekly News‘ you can see the story online here.

Can we haz a new MP please Chelmsford? This dinosaur is giving us a bad name! 🙂

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