So today was the annual ‘Kip’s Birthday Bunk Off’ – I’ve not taken many photos, but have amassed a LOT of video to edit! 🙂

The funniest, and possibly most worrying moment happened today on ‘The Slammer’, Dan was mithering somewhat that his shoulder restraint was a bit wobbly. They do seem to have a bit of give in them, but he investigated further and found the bolts holding the restraints were actually loose and he was able to turn them with his fingers. Mine were the same, he asked the ride-op if he should be able to undo the bolts on a restraint to which the op said..

‘I dunno, I’m not an engineer’

Brilliant! Dan then asked the rather pertinent question

‘What happens if I fall out?’

The operator just said

‘Well I’ve done my bit, I’ve checked the restraint is locked’


Thankfully Dan didn’t fall out, and did actually enjoy the ride.. But still the ‘I’m not an engineer’ line cracked us up. Nice work Thorpe Park.

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