This week has been the cliché ‘rollercoaster of emotions’. It’s been a massive downer because J has been both teething (with approximately three new teeth coming through), and he has developed a nasty case of croup too. This has led to his well oiled routine being thrown into oblivion, he’s waking up with a barking cough and very upset at all times of the day and night. We’ve got a ‘cool mist’ humidifier in his room, which seems to help slightly. J’s lack of sleep has led to Loz and I not getting much sleep, which isn’t very nice.

In better news, we’ve got a new car, nothing big and flash, actually, it’s big, it’s a Zafira! It’s lovely having an extra few seats for the odd occasion, and even better having a MASSIVE boot for our escapades oop North. We took particular delight in picking G up from school today, she had no idea that we’d got it, and the look on her face as she clocked Loz and J in this different car was priceless. She was very pleased to be able to ‘sit in the boot’ too, to be fair when I was her age I remember being driven around in the boot of Dad’s car (and that didn’t have a seat!)

J’s development is forging ahead, despite his poorliness – we’ve had some definate ‘Mum-Mum-Mum’s aimed at Loz, we’ve had two unaided steps! Hooray!

G is scaring me how quickly she’s growing up, my little girl is now a young lady, I love and hate this in equal measure. Thankfully she’s not quite at the stage where the thought of snuggling up with her old Dad to watch telly is the last thing she’d want to do. I’m cherishing it while it lasts!

Today was also good as I got to see a Health Centre I’d done some planning work on in the flesh (the picture above), it’s always wonderful to see one of my drawings turned into something real that people will use! I’d also designed a new bespoke workstation for the consultants in the Health Centre too, and it was the first time I’d seen the finished product! What’s more exciting is it might actually become a proper mass produced desk for use in Health Centres across the country!

I suppose on reflection, it’s been more good than bad, but the lack of sleep has made everything feel a bit – meh.

How’s your week been?

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