A few weeks ago the nice people at Parragon have sent me and J some books designed for his age. J really loves going through books, he’ll carefully turn through each page, looking at everything, we’ve just got to teach him not to throw them when he gets to the end!

He’s had fun going through them all, we took them on a long car journey with us, and passed them to him when he was getting grotty and they kept his interest for twenty minutes or so! We’ve also read them to him a couple of times too. The sales blurb for the Little Learners Series says –

‘The Little Learners baby and toddler series is fun, engaging, and research-supported. Each book is designed especially to help babies and toddlers development. With cute, contemporary design, memorable stories or rhymes, sturdy construction, and playful elements, Little Learners is designed to stimulate a child s curiosity about life and language. Reading with children has never been more important, more special, or more fun!’

It’s very difficult to get a 1 year old to ‘review’ a book but I thought I’d jot down a few comments on each.

This Little Piggy

20130609_110953This is a hardcover book with a little Piggy finger puppet in the middle that ‘moves’ to every page, it tells the timeless story of the little piggy.J loves the finger puppet books, and the illustrations are fabulous too. This is one of his favourites!



My Day

20130609_111021This is another hardcover book that describes the day of a little one, every other page has a textured picture, a fleecy jumper, a bumpy ball,a shiny bib etc.J liked stroking these and feeling the different textures.



I am Big

20130609_111053I love this one! It’s got a sort of ‘squishy’ hardcover, each page has got a pull out tab that the expands on the story. J quickly learnt how these worked and like pulling them out as we turned the pages. I was slightly concerned that ‘moving parts’ on a baby book would be quickly destroyed, but these are still as new, despite him being left to play with it.


Peek-a-Boo Friends

onThe last book is a lovely hardcover book with a handle, each page has a little animal hiding through a hole for your little one to find. The illustrations are very cute, and J liked pointing out the animal ‘hiding’. The only problem with this book is the handle, to the eyes of a teething 13 month old, it looks like something to chew on, which J has. Not the end of the world but maybe the handle needs some kind of lamination to combat this?

Overall I’m really pleased with the four books I’ve received, and they’ve fitted in well with J’s growing library!

For more information on the whole range of Little Learner books from Parragon take a look here.

Disclaimer – Parragon have sent me these four books free of charge to review, all opinions are my own.

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