I’m all over the social networks, I’ve got a good following on Twitter, I’m even pleased with the Google+ ‘circling’ I have, but my Facebook following was a little sad, no one really ‘Like’ed me (a reflection of life?). Facebook has been offering me the chance to advertise my Page, so I thought I’d dip my hand into my pocket and give it a whirl.

You can set a ‘per-day’ budget, the more you allocate, the more people will see your advert, you can do £1.00 a day as a minimum, I thought I’d try £3.00 a day. You can choose the gender, age, and location of the people who will see your campaign. I chose M and F, over 18 and in the UK, which is really my demographic. I started the campaign which would suggest people Like my page, and show posts in their timeline, I was a little dubious as to how effective it would be.

In the 6 days I ‘spent’ £18 and gained 23 new likes via the Advert. So about 78p per Like.

I’m pretty impressed with gaining so many Likes in such a relatively short space of time, I only had 70 something when I started, so breaking the 100 barrier is nice. It’s certainly been interesting to see how well the adverts work, although from there being 9000+ impressions of the advert, 23 new Likes is pretty poor (although I didn’t really DO anything to make the ads better!)

I’m not sure I’ll use adverts long term, but maybe once in a little while, the odd campaign or two can’t hurt!

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