I am a Big Brother fan, I’ve watched every series, I don’t really tweet or write much about it, because generally Big Brother is a bit Marmite.

Tonight’s episode was probably one of the most interesting in Big Brother history, housemate Daley Ojuederie was thrown out for breaching the Big Brother rules, and I think they treated the situation appallingly, and this is why..

So, what happened tonight (well last night), put short, Daley and Hazel were drunk in the ‘Safe House’, and area of the house for two chosen housemates. Daley and Hazel had spent the previous night in there getting amorous, and getting their schmink on. Tonight though, because Daley refused to get in the bed with Hazel, she stole his covers. It then developed into a bit of a play fight, with some arse smacking and then turned into Daley having his trousers pulled down by Hazel, exposing himself.

Then, it got a bit darker, Daley’s language got a bit more aggressive, he warned she shouldn’t keep goading him. She continued to do it, and told him she wanted him to get angry.. She got her wish and Daley grabbed her throat, it wasn’t nice to watch, she instantly grabbed his back. It was a strange situation. Big Brother leapt in and demanded Daley visit the diary room immediately.

Daley admitted he shouldn’t have got so wound up, and use the language he was using, he took his warning and returned to the house. Hazel was then summoned and told Big Brother she was in a bit of shock and hadn’t ‘seen that side to him before’, and admitted she felt cornered. She also accepted she shouldn’t have exposed him, and smacked him and took her warning.

It then cut to today, obviously the Big Brother producers were slightly concerned they were advocating violence, and decided to throw Daley out of the house. Daley was shocked and angry at the news, he was especially incensed when he was told that Hazel felt cornered and scared. They gave him chance to say a few final words before he left, his words were interesting.. He pointed out that after the ‘altercation’ he and Hazel had spent the night ‘cuddled up’ (we, the viewers hadn’t been shown this). He then told the viewing public that Hazel was manipulative and not to be trusted, most of the viewers had seen this already, and with that Daley was gone.

Should Daley have been thrown out? Yes, it’s never right to grab anyone by the neck, least of all a member of the opposite sex.


Hazel should have been turfed out too.

She was goading him, and making the situation worse, telling him she wanted to see him angry, and ‘lose it’, she exposed him too (imagine a guy had done this to a girl?). Big Brother certainly wouldn’t have let it lie with just a formal warning, as they couldn’t even remotely be seen to allow violence between a man and a woman like this. Really though, they dealt with it badly, they were both fucking idiots in this situation and should have both been shown the door.

What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Big Brother’s Big Fail #bbuk

  1. Josh says:

    Exactly! Nobody can make excuse for the fact that it is not acceptable for a person to grab someone by the throat and threaten to nut them, that’s not play fighting in any circumstance.

    Also I thought exactly the same as you, if a guy had exposed a girl in the way she did to them it would be sexual harassment, whereas she is let off with a warning for exposing him, serious sexism on Big Brother’s behalf there.

    Both of them should have been removed for unacceptable behaviour, they’re both idiots and don’t deserve to be in there.

  2. Ryan says:

    You are a blind fool if you cannot see that in that moment Hazel was afraid and Daley was threatening her. Hazel did not provoke Daley to grab her by the throat and threaten her with “or I’ll nut you one”. He did that all on his own, drunk is no excuse either. Her behavior may have been inappropriate, but it was not a violent power-move like Daley pulled.

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