I’ve always been into gaming, I used to play a helluva lot of games on my PC back in the day. Endless hours of Quake and Command and Conquer through my 28.8k Modem connection. If it wasn’t that, In my time I’ve owned pretty much every console under the sun at one time or another. I even collected arcade machines and managed to cram 15 of them into my first home.


Over time though, things have changed, G was born, which meant the arcade machines slowly went away, I moved firmly into console gaming, from a Dreamcast to a Game Cube to a Wii. I then got myself an xBox 360, and that really changed everything, I spent hours, and hours, on it. The amount of time I’ve spent on the Modern Warfare series of games is well into ‘weeks’, possibly even months!

It was fuelled to some extent by #twitclan , a group of gamers I set up via Twitter. We use to ‘meet’ most Wednesdays and play Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, it was great, we weren’t all that good, but we had a lot of fun shouting abuse to each other, and the people we played with. We actually managed to win a competition to go and play xBox on a cinema screen at the Hospital Club in London. Over time though, the clan got smaller, and we played together less and eventually we stopped.


I continued to play by myself (*snigger*) and make my way through Black Ops 2, but now that J is getting bigger, and napping less, I just don’t really have the time. I find myself working more and more in the evenings, the spare time I do have seems to be filled with catching up on telly, or trying to get out of the house. The times I have picked up the xBox and jumped into a game, I’ve found myself taking a while to get back into it, and ultimately have a bit of a shit time because I’ve been getting my ass kicked until I’ve got into the game again. The xBox Live Subscription has now run out, and I’m not sure if or when I’ll renew it! I did wonder if I should sell my xBox 360, and keep some money aside for an Xbox One or a Playstation 4 but I’m not really sold on either, true be told.

I will definitely keep the Wii U, it’s a nice little console more suited to the family, and I think the game prices will continue to tumble too. It’s not a perfect console by any means, but G can play it, and I think J will be able to pick it up too when he’s a bit older.

On the whole though, I think my gaming days are over, for now!

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