As a little Father’s Day treat, the lovely people at Heathcote and Ivory sent me some of their Men’s Toiletries. I got a Citrus and Clove Shave Gel and a Citrus & Clove Aftershave Balm.

You’d think as a bearded man, I wouldn’t have much use for shaving products, but you’d be wrong, I’m not a total tramp, and have to keep it looking tidy at the edges. Normally I’d just tidy it up with my electric trimmers, but nothing really gets it as neat as a proper shave.


First I used the Shave Gel, the Citrus and Clove fragrance is nice, it’s very understated, not your typical shaving gel ‘bloke’ smell. It has a slight lather to it, but not too much so that when it’s on your skin you can’t see what you’re shaving. It actually makes it easier if you’re just trying to keep your beard tidy and not remove it totally, I was able to get a nice, precise finish.

Once I’d shaved And patted my face dry, I used the Aftershave Balm. Like the Gel, the fragrance is subtle, nothing too overpowering. The balm goes on nicely and a little seems to go a long way, it keeps the skin nice and soft and smelling lovely.

I must say after using the Heathcote and Ivory shaving products for a few weeks I’m really pleased with them. The reason I have a beard is largely because I’ve got horrifically sensitive skin that goes red and blotchy after shaving. Thankfully this is not the case with these products, I was waiting for a flare up minutes after shaving, it never happened. I’ve tried these products on several occasions and I’ve not had a single flare up. I’m very pleased to have them on my bathroom shelf, I’d recommend these shaving products to everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin!

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