Next week is Georgia’s 10th birthday, as a little ‘gift’ to her I’m currently creating a short film of her life so far. Set entirely to a lovely song, this has meant me going through all sorts of video footage, from the day she was born, right up to now! A lot of her early life was taped on a Panasonic DV camera, so the quality is okay, although a bit poor compared to the HD standards of today. The last 4 years or so is all in HD which is fabulous, although will probably look appalling when 4k HD becomes the norm! I am a tiny bit gutted the first video I have of her was shot on my very first digital camera at a silly 320 x 240 resolution, it doesn’t look brilliant but it’s nice to have something!


It’s scary just how much she’s grown, even in the last year, my little girl is becoming a little woman, and those kiddy traits are slowly fading into teenage ways. Sometimes it really freaks me out just how old she is, which in turn reminds me how old *I* am.



She’s getting her first mobile phone on her birthday, I was 18 when I got my first one, it’s mad how quickly times change! In some ways I love seeing her getting so grown up and independent, but in others I hate it, she’ll need me less and less.

Still, I can’t stop the hands of time, I think I should stop feeling miserable about my age and start enjoying her birthday weekend! Loz has made an awesome cake, I’ll show you that soon!

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