Sorry the blog has been so quiet today, I’ve been in London having an awesome day with G. We met up with my Sister and Brother from another mother at Liverpool St.

We went to see Brainiac Live! at the Palace Theatre (will write a more in-depth review soon!). We strolled via Trafalgar Square and looked at the fountains and the rather large cock..




Then off to Embankment where we had lunch on a pub boat called Tattershall Castle. L+J had both been there before, and I must admit it was very odd sitting on a boat, eating lunch, even harder using a urinal on a gently swaying vessel too! It’s a fantastic place to stop for a bite to eat, Children are allowed on the top deck too until 6pm, but there isn’t actually a Kids Menu, G enjoyed her adult sized baguette and demolished it all!

We crossed the river with the intention of heading towards the London Eye and the 4D Experience there (again, will write up this in more detail soon!), there was some kind of Fair nearby, and G dragged me on this alarming contraption..



I’m normally well up for rides, but the height, and the temporary nature petrified me.. G didn’t care and she dragged me on, as I suspected, it was very high, rather quick, but actually very enjoyable, although I was willing for it to come down after being spun at the top for what seemed like hours!

There were lots of street entertainers hanging around the Southbank, obviously wanting to capitalise on the Summer Holiday trade, the gold statue lady fascinated G. Must have been hot in all that gear!


We eventually made it onto the London Eye with some awesome Fast Track tickets! I’d forgotten just how spectacular the views are from the top of the Eye, definitely one of the best tourist attractions in London!

After a quick stop at the new play area close to the Eye, we had to get home before rush hour took hold. We really have had an awesome day in London!




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